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4 Unmissable Tips for Throwing Your Kiddo's Birthday Bash!

1. Read the Room

.You’re probably already ready to get the party started! But first, take a peek at your guest list. Are you expecting a horde of kiddos from school or more grown-up vibes for your little one's birthday bash? If mostly grown-ups are on the guest list, make sure to have plenty of tasty treats and cozy spots for them to chill. For a pint-sized crowd, choose a party location that's bursting with fun and excitement! We have a suggestion, should you need one :-).

2. Plan Ahead

To save yourself some stress and future mom-guilt, start kicking off your party planning at least a month early. That way you’ll have plenty of time to choose between cozy home vibes or an exciting venue, get creative with decorations and send out those invites! You’ll be able to plan the party you want for your child and not the one you were forced to because of a time crunch.

3. Know Thyself

Does even thinking of planning a party give you “deep breaths” vibes? Just KEEP IT SIMPLE. Simple parties can be just as fun and special for the birthday kiddos, and leaves you with much less work and planning time. Come up with a basic must-have, must-do checklist and get er’ done. If you’re still craving the extravagant experience, but don’t have the mental space to plan it -hire outside help or choose a venue that can do it all for you. We might know the name of such a place ;-)

4. Be Intentional (2 steps)

a. Mentally mark the occasion by stopping to reflect on the fact that your child is a whole YEAR older, and is truly special enough to celebrate AND the fact that you had ALOT to do with all of that! The birthday celebration itself will whiz by so quickly, so in the midst of planning or celebrating try to really take it all in. b. Plan a one-on-one activity or take some time to play with your little one before guests come. Exactly what you choose to do is not so important, but the time together during this milestone will make it so much more special. If not for your kiddo, it certainly will to you!

The most important thing is to create a joyous and celebratory atmosphere for your child. Let them know how loved and cherished they are on their special day, and be sure to capture plenty of photos and memories to look back on for years to come.

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